About Us


The origins of the Church go back to the New Testament in the Bible  to 33AD after the Resurrection of  Jesus Christ and His Disciples establishing it shortly after recorded in the book of Acts.  The Danville Church of Christ has it beginnings in Danville, Ohio back to 1893.  Originally located in downtown Danville in Knox County, Ohio, the church relocated a short distance away to its current location on Danville Jelloway Road on May 21, 1995 and has had two building phases that make up our current facilities.  We are a New Testament Church from a movement called the Restoration Movement made up of independent Christian churches  and churches of Christ (Instrumental). No creed, but Christ. Not the only Christians, but Christians only. We are a congregation modeled after the New Testament Church.


To learn more about the churches of Christ/Christian Churches, our doctrine, and what we believe visit this Church of Christ/Christian Church page or contact our church for more information on our church or beliefs.

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If you have questions about becoming a Christian or need help studying what the Bible says about salvation, please contact the church and our Minister or one of our Elders will be glad to set up a time to study with you.