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New Mission statement

Danville Church of Christ has a new and updated Mission Statement to remind us to be and stay on mission as a church of reaching the lost and making disciples.


The mission of the Danville Church of Christ is to reach out to the lost in our community so they can DISCOVER Jesus Christ, help new followers DEVELOP their relationship with Christ, and encourage members to DEEPEN their faith in Christ.

in other words,

Danville’s mission is to:  “Help others discover, develop, and deepen their faith in Jesus Christ.”

Kick off 2018 learning about the church


What is the church?  Come in January to Danville and find out.  We will look at 3 sermons that will tell us what the church is and what it is not.  Please join us at 10:30am on Sunday Mornings for this 3 week series:

1/7-A Body, not a Building

1/14-About Being, not Attending

1/21-Being United, not Divided

Please come check us out at Danville Church of Christ.  Starting 1/28 we will do another short sermon series on the church as we will look at “OUR CHURCH” and at the mission, purpose, and vision of the Danville church of Christ!

Christmas Sermon Series


Starting November 26th we will begin a 6 week sermon series called “The Characters of Christmas” and we’ll look at the Christmas story through the people who make up the Christmas Story, which is really the story of our Savior coming into this world to Save us from our sins as our Messiah, Christ, and King.   Here is what is coming up as we prepare to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas:

11/26-Preparing the Way-John the Baptist

12/3-A Savior is Coming-Mary

12/10-Watching the Flocks-Shepherds

12/17-Good News is Here-Baby Jesus

12/24-Presented & Consecrated-Jesus

12/31-Come Bearing Gifts-Wisemen

BBQ Chicken Dinner

The Danville Church of Christ Annual Chicken BBQ is here!  This Saturday, Sept. 15th at 6pm on the church grounds at the Picnic Pavilion we will share a time of food and fellowship!  Church members are asked to bring sides and/or desserts to share!  We hope to see everyone out this Saturday! Invite a neighbor or a friend!

Invite and attend


We want to invite you to attend services at Danville if you are looking for a church home or seeking to learn more about God.  If you already attend or are a member at Danville, we want to encourage you to look for people to invite to church services with you or share our fb or website pages!