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11/5/17 Communion Meditation by Dave Severns, Choir Special “Wonderful Peace”, followed by sermon “Who’s in Charge?” by Jason Thomas.


*11/12/17 -sermon was not recorded due to technical difficulties-sorry

11/19/27-Communion Meditation by Mike Addair, Choir special “For the Beauty-Give Thanks medley’, and sermon “Maturing Faith” by Jason Thomas


11/26/17- Communion Meditation by Larry Farmer followed by sermon “John the Baptist-Preparing the Way” by Jason Thomas


12/3/17-Communion Meditation by Bill Edmister followed by sermon “Mary-A Savior is Coming” by Jason Thomas


12/10/17-Communion Meditation by Jason Thomas followed by sermon “Shepherds-Watching their Flocks” by Jason Thomas


12/17/17-Choir Special “Once in Royal David’s City/Child of Love” followed by sermon “Baby Jesus-Good News is Here” by Jason Thomas


12/24/17-Children and adult choir special “Happy birthday Jesus/The birthday of the King” followed by communion mediation by Kevin Byers at 5:42, followed by choir special “The Light of Christmas” at 12:15, and followed by the sermon “Jesus presented at the temple by Jason Thomas at 18:16.


12/31/17-Communion meditation by Tom Miller followed by sermon “The Wise men: Bearing Gifts” at 4:34 by Jason Thomas.


1/7/18-Communion Meditation by Dave Severns followed by sermon “A Body not a Building” at 7:32 by Jason Thomas.


1/14/18-Communion Meditation by Cody Reese followed by sermon “Being not Attending” at 9:11 by Jason Thomas.


1/21/18-Communion Meditation by Mike Addair followed by sermon “United not Divided” at 9:36 by Jason Thomas.


1/28/18-Communion Meditation by Kevin Byers followed by sermon “Our Mission” at 7:33 by Jason Thomas.


2/4/18-sermon “Our Purpose” by Jason Thomas


2/11/18-sermon “Our Vision” by Jason Thomas